Solar EPC Project Management: Actual progress monitoring

After you have created a project, planned all the activities, defined their SOW and delegated them to your team, Fuzen will automate the next part of measuring actual progress of those activities.

Daily reminder emails

On a daily basis, Fuzen workflows check for all pending activities in your project task list. Then Fuzen send automated email reminders to the owners of those project activities.

So if you are working on a project with a few pending tasks against your name, you will get an email listing all those tasks pending for your action.

Submit the actual progress updates

When you click on any specific task listed in the email, it will take you to the ‘Progress Update Form’ for that task.

In this progress update form, project and task names are already listed. You just need to update the actual work done on this task till date. Please note that the form asks for cumulative amount of work done till date.

Further, you can also upload any other important files or photos from site along with your update. Finally click the ‘Submit’ button to send the latest progress updates to central database.

Reporting the actual SOW and progress

As soon as the progress updates are submitted by the project team members, they get updated in the ‘Task List’ spreadsheet.

The ‘Actual SOW’, ‘% Progress’ and ‘Reference Files’ columns gets updated every time a progress update is submitted.

Further, when the actual work done equals or exceeds the planned SOW, actual end date for that task is automatically updated in the task list.

Monitoring from the progress tracking dashboard

Fuzen automates the tracking of actual work done with help of the progress update form. The actual work updates submitted via this form can also be monitored from the progress tracking dashboard for that project.

Go to the project dashboard. Here you can easily check the status of all project activities and see the details of each activity by clicking on the ‘View Details’ button.

This way, Fuzen track the actual vs planned progress at the very grass root level activities for each project. The overall progress of each project then gets reported on the central dashboard (for all portfolio projects) as well.