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Templates and examples of construction progress tracking report

Construction projects are quite complex. As a construction project manager, you have to simultaneously deal with multiple types of construction activities – scaffolding, brickwork, excavation, flooring, plumbing, etc. Project managers...

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Excel templates for construction project cost control

Before starting a construction project, every contractor needs to put together a construction cost control report for the team to work from. Cost control report help you track your expenses...

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Construction Project Management Report Template

Construction project management involves monitoring and control of multiple aspects – progress, costs, quality, etc. Therefore any template for construction project management report also has to be multi-dimensional. Table Of...

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Using simple tools for progress monitoring in construction projects

Construction projects are quite different in nature than other projects. So they come with a different set of challenges – Table of contents1. How construction progress monitoring typically happens1.1 Shortcomings...

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How to automate construction progress monitoring from site

Infrastructure project managers often look for different ways to automate progress monitoring in construction projects. Automation is very helpful for – There are many ways to automate progress monitoring in...

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Construction Project Management Software

Construction project management app within Google Drive

Over the last few years, many online apps have sprung up for construction project management. That’s primarily because of easier access to cloud servers and mobile devices. Still you can...

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