Solar EPC Sales Tracking: Create and Delegate Leads

All new leads can be easily listed in the central ‘Sales Tracking Spreadsheet’. The solar CRM admin will have access to this central sales tracking sheet. This admin user easily create, edit and manage leads directly from the sales tracking sheet.


Create new leads from dashboard

Other members of the sales team can directly create a new lead via the ‘Create New Lead’ button at the top of the CRM dashboard.

In the new lead form, enter basic contact details, address, status and next action to be taken for the new lead. You can even schedule when this next action should be taken. Fuzen will send you an email reminder as per the schedule you set.

Finally, click on ‘Save’ to save the lead details.

Any leads created directly from the dashboard will be directly assigned to the user who creates that lead. Any further changes can be done by an admin user.

Manage lead details from sales tracking sheet

An admin user can directly edit and manage the lead details by going to sales tracking sheet.

By default you have columns like – name, email, phone, company name, address etc. to capture the important details of a new lead. But you can also easily add any new columns to this spreadsheet.

But to ensure smooth functioning of the solar CRM, we recommend that you contact our support team for any customization.

Delegating leads

Once the lead is created, then the CRM admin user can delegate it to any of your sales team members by selecting their email address in the “Owner” column.

All those team members that you have included in the CRM app will show up in this dropdown. You can select the correct person from here.

Once the leads are correctly created and delegated to people in your sales team, they can further update more details of these customers, their requirements, site conditions etc.