Excel templates for sales tracking reports

Let’s face it. Despite so many CRM and sales tracking software being available online, many businesses still prefer to track their sales pipeline in Excel sheets. That’s because Excel sheets and Google Spreadsheets are so flexible and easy to use.

If you also love spreadsheets to manage your work (just like we do), we have something for you. We have put together a list of sales tracking templates in Excel and Google spreadsheets.

Table Of Contents
1. Why should you even track sales in Excel?
2. Sales tracking templates in Excel and Google Sheets
2.1 Sales pipeline / lead tracking Excel template
2.2 Sales funnel tracking
2.3 Sales activity tracking
2.4 Sales performance report

Why should you even track sales in Excel?

Spreadsheets remain so popular for tracking leads, sales, cash flow etc. because of their high flexibility. There are many inexpensive CRM software platforms available online today. But most of them come with a predefined structure or sales process that may or may not suit your particular business.

On the other hand, Excel of Google Sheets can be modified in any desired way to track your sales data by simply adding new columns, blank sheets and even customized functions to automate certain steps in your sales process.

For example, sales process for solar projects requires a lot of data and documentation to be gathered from customers. All this information can be easily tracked in Excel by simply adding multiple columns to the lead tracking sheet.

Furthermore, everyone in your sales team already knows how to use an Excel sheet for sales tracking. By contrast most other CRM platforms come with a learning curve, where you need to spend some mental energy to learn the flow.

Sales tracking templates in Excel and Google Sheets

Let’s look at different Excel templates useful for day to day sales tracking.

Sales pipeline / lead tracking Excel template

First and foremost, you will want to track all the leads in your sales pipeline, along with their contact details, requirements, commercials offered and their status in your sales pipeline. Use this template to that end.

Tracking basic lead details – contact, status etc.
sales pipeline tracking excel template
Tracking customer requirements in commercial details
track customer requirements and commercials
Sales checklist template
sales checklist template

Sales funnel tracking

As a business owner or sales team manager you must also keep an eye on the overall sales targets. A sales funnel will help you visualize the value of your current pipeline. Regularly monitor the numbers in your sales funnel, to ensure you have sufficient leads in pipeline for meeting your sales quota.

A sales funnel report will usually show you either the number of leads or the cumulative value of all leads at each stage in your sales process.

In this template for sales funnel tracking, we have reported the cumulative value of all the leads at any of these stages in a SPANCO sales processSuspect, Prospect, Approached, Negotiations, Closed, Order.

sales funnel excel template

Sales activity tracking

Tracking all important sales activities – new leads, calls, meetings, emails, proposals, orders etc. – will help in analyzing your sales process. So that you can find out the bottlenecks and remove them to make your sales pipeline more efficient. Such optimization will help you grow sales without hiring any new sales reps.

This Excel template is a simple framework for tracking sales activities.

track sales activity in spreadsheet

But the activities themselves must be linked to the spreadsheet for effective tracking. If you ask your sales people to record each of their actions in an Excel sheet, they will see it as double the effort and will be reluctant to do it.

To get around this problem, Fuzen connects your sales tracking spreadsheet with other important tools like – shared folder, email account, CRM, lead alerts etc. So that most of the important sales activities are automatically tracked in a spreadsheet. From there, you can use the raw data for analyzing and optimizing your sales process.

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Sales performance report

One example of such analytical report is this Excel template for tracking performance of your sales team. This template will report the summary of how different people in your sales team have performed. Important performance indicators – like, number of leads contacted, proposals sent, orders received and revenue generated – will be reported for each of your sales reps.

It will help you to easily identify and reward your best performing sales people, motivating them further to grow your business.

sales performance report excel template

But this kind of report is possible only if you have connected your spreadsheet to other important tools for tracking sales activities. If you’re not sure how to integrate your sales tracking spreadsheet with other tools, we can help you.

Our CRM is built on top of Google Drive, connecting Google Sheets with Google Drive Folders, Forms, Docs, Gmail etc. It can also connect with a wide range of other online tools to track all of your important sales activities in a Google Sheet. It can be easily customized to match with any industry specific sales process – for example, our solar CRM is highly customized for solar EPC industry.

Once your activities are being tracked, Fuzen also gives you access to a number of dynamic report templates which will help you analyze and optimize your sales process.

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