Schedule posts on your social media accounts

Fuzen’s social media calendar app turns your Google Drive & Spreadsheets into a highly productive social media automation platform. You can use this social media calendar to schedule posts on your social media accounts to be posted on selected date and time.

If you have already set up your social media calendar and connected your social media accounts to Fuzen, let’s look at actually scheduling the posts.

Schedule a link based post

Go to the social media calendar dashboard and click on any FUTURE date. Note that clicking on past or current dates will not work, as they have been disabled.

If your social media accounts are already connected to Fuzen, it will open the following pop-up. Otherwise it will redirect you to a page where you can connect your social media accounts to Fuzen.

In the pop-up you can either select to share a link or photo. If you choose link, then select the social accounts where the link should be shared. Then give post title for your reference and description to go along with the shared link. Note that the description will appear as shared text in your post.

Finally select the time for creating the post and click on “Schedule Post” button. That will schedule link to be posted on the selected date and time.

Schedule a photo or video post

In the pop-up above you can select and option to post a photo.

Then click on the “Select File” button. It will open a pop-up where you can either select a file from your computer or drag & drop a file in the box.

Either way the file will be uploaded to “Media Files” sub-folder in the Google Drive folder of your social media calendar. It will also be selected in the pop-up to be shared on your social media.

Next, select the social media accounts where you want to post the file. Give a description to the image to be shared, select time and click on “Schedule Post” button.

Once your link or photo posts are scheduled, you can see them in the selected dates of your calendar view.

Note that Fuzen will show posts on different platforms independently. So if you have shared the same content on 3 different platforms, you will see 3 items on your calendar with the same name.

Edit your post

If you want to make any changes to the post, click on that specific post in your calendar. It will open the edit pop-up.

Here, you can either change the title, description or time of the post. Or you can delete the whole post altogether and create a new one.

Once you have scheduled some content to be posted on a specific date / time, Fuzen will then post it on your social media accounts as per the schedule. You will get an email alert saying your post has been successfully created.

You can click on the link in that email to view the post and then even share it with your team, customers etc. for them to like and share.

Later, you can go to the social engagement dashboard to check the reach and engagement for your posts.