Social Media Calendar: Getting started

Fuzen’s social media calendar app turns your Google Drive & Spreadsheets into a highly productive social media automation platform.

You can use this social media calendar to schedule posts on your social media accounts to be posted on selected date and time.

Doing this will not only save you a ton of time by not having to remember to login at specific times during the day for posting online, but it will also ensure that your social accounts are regularly active and posting at ideal times for most engagement.

You can create social media schedule on weekly / monthly basis and ensure that your social audience steadily grows on autopilot mode.

Now, let’s go through the first steps to set up your social media calendar app.

Setting up your Social Media Calendar App

Create the social media automation app on Fuzen dashboard

Go to the “App Marketplace > Get New App” option in the menu. Here you will see all the apps in the Fuzen marketplace available for free trial. Search for ‘social media calendar’ app.

Fuzen offers a 7 days free trial for this app. You can click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ button to start your trial. You can use the app for free for 7 days, without credit cards. Afterwards you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using the app.

When you click to ‘Start Free Trial’, Fuzen will attempt to install the app within your Google Drive. So it will try to connect to your Google Drive account. If your Google Drive is not already connected to Fuzen, you will be asked to authorize the required connection. Your authorization will allow Fuzen to add the social media calendar files and workflows to your Google Drive.

Please provide the required permissions and then again submit the form to create new app.

Social Calendar Dashboard

When the new app is added to your account, you will be taken to the calendar dashboard within the social media calendar app.

Here, you can click on any FUTURE date to create a scheduled post on that date. Nothing will happen if you click on past dates or current date, as scheduling posts on these dates has been disabled.

When you click a future date for the very first time, it will take you to a page where you can connect your social accounts to the social media calendar app.

Connect Social Media Accounts

Click on the buttons to connect your facebook and linkedin accounts with Fuzen. They will redirect you to your social media account where you have to grant the necessary permissions which will enable Fuzen to post on these accounts on your behalf.

Connect Facebook account –

Connect LinkedIn account –

Once our social apps are connected, you will be taken back to the social calendar dashboard, where now you can schedule posts by clicking on any future dates.

Connected Tools

This social media calendar is built within Google Drive with the help of our custom apps + Google Drive + Sheets. You can see all the connected tools for this app by going to the ‘Connected Tools’ tab.

Here, you will see all the different parts of this solution that enable the automation workflows.

Connected Apps: Fuzen adds 3 custom apps to the social media calendar automation –

  • Social Media Calendar – Calendar UI to schedule your posts
  • Connect Social Media Accounts – to connect your Facbook and LinkedIn accounts
  • Social Media Dashboard – to monitor the reach and engagement for your posts

Social Media Sharing Sheet: This is the Google spreadsheet which will contain the details of all your social media posts.

The automation workflows for social media calendar are also attached to this spreadsheet. Before you schedule any posts, you will need to activate the workflows in this sheet by going to the top toolbar and then clicking on “Social Media Campaigns >> Activate”

Once you click on the activate button, Google will ask your permission to activate the workflows contained in the sheet. Please provide the necessary permissions.

Once the workflows are authorized, once again click on “Social Media Campaigns >> Activate”.

Workflows will be properly activate the second time and you will also see a notification that activation is successful.

Google Drive Folders: These folders contain all the newly added files and workflows required for cold email automation

User Guides: to help you get started with the cold email automation

Now that your social media calendar is set up let’s look at scheduling posts for your social media campaigns.